STALICLA's CEO & Founder, speaker at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences Colloquium - October 2-3 2019

STALICLA’S CEO & Founder, Lynn Durham invited as a speaker to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Colloquium on Neurodevelopmental Disorders  - October 2-3 2019

Lynn Durham has been invited as a speaker together with a group of world leading experts at the prestigious Royal Netherlands Academy to participate in its Colloquium entitled “A new beginning for neurodevelopment disorders: Science-based intervention for individual patients”. Over two days and three sessions, experts will consider how genetics, imaging techniques, cellular analysis and clinical triage can be integrated to new science-based care for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

“I am delighted and honored to be part of this assembly, “ said Lynn Durham.

“The subject matter selected by the Royal Netherlands Academy and the caliber of the experts attending reflect the growing recognition that the current approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ASD, based on generic and subjective criteria, needs to be re-assessed. This concords with our view at STALICLA. We believe that the development of precision medicine based on clinical and biological datasets is the new frontier for ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.”


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 Driven by her lifelong involvement with the autism community, Lynn has championed a paradigm shift in the field of ASD. At STALICLA, she has assembled a team of first-class experts to create DEPI, a unique AI-driven drug discovery platform bringing precision medicine to patients with neurodevelopmental disorders. In just over 2 years, STALICLA has successfully characterized three sub-groups of patients. STP1 – a targeted treatment for the first biologically-validated sub-group - will be entering clinical trials in the US in early 2020.

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