Clinical Advisory Board


Elizabeth Berry-Kravis

MD, PhD - Rush University

Professor of Pediatrics, Neurological Sciences and Biochemistry at Rush University. Dr. Berry-Kravis established the comprehensive Fragile X Clinic and Research Program at Rush University Medical Centerin 1992. Her clinical research projects involve studies in Fragile X and ASD and clinical trials of new promising medications in FXS and neurodevelopmental disorders. She is leader in the development of outcome measures and biomarkers in neurodevelopmental disorders trials.

David Beversdorf

MD – University of Missouri

Professor of Neurology and Psychology, Cognition and Neuroscience. Dr. Beversdorf specialises in autism research and has extensive expertise in conducting observational and interventional clinical trials in neurodevelopmental disorders pediatric population. He has strong expertise in cognitive neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, and pharmacological modulation of cognition.

Daniel Coury

MD – Nationwide Children's Hospital

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Psychiatry at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr Coury is an international expert in developmental and behavioral pediatrics with specific expertise in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism. He has extensive experience as a PI conducting pediatric psychopharmacology clinical trials. Dr. Coury is the Medical Director of The Autism Treatment Network of Autism Speaks, a consortium of twelve leading autism specialty centers across North America.

Craig Erickson

MD, MSc – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Professor of Psychiatry and BehavioralNeuroscience. Dr. Erickson is an international expert in the clinical treatment of fragile X syndrome and has similar expertise in fragile X-specific clinical trial development. He has a strong focus on translational treatment development in neurodevelopmental disorders. He also is working on translational research focused on the molecular biology of ASD.

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