DEPI technology

Databased Endophenotyping Patient Identification for precision medicine

DEPI (Databased Endophenotyping Patient Identification) is the company unique AI-driven drug discovery platform. It is able to characterize biologically similar subgroups of patients within highly variable populations with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, and identify corresponding treatments.

DEPI integrates and analyzes large datasets of genomic, proteomic, pharmacogenomic, anatomical, medical and clinical data to identify clinically and biologically patient subgroups and corresponding candidate drugs.

DEPI provides the opportunity to accelerate and de-risk clinical biomarker discovery and drug development in neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder.

DEPI spearheads the advancement of precision medicine for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Since inception, DEPI has enabled the characterization of a first biologically valid subgroup of patients with autism spectrum disorder and a corresponding drug candidate - STP1 - which will be entering clinical trials in 2020. 


DEPI key features: 

  • COMPUTING the complexity and heterogeneity of neurodevelopmental disorders
  • IDENTIFYING relevant subgroups of patients with neurodevelopmental disorders
  • ACCELERATING drug development for neurodevelopmental disorders


Databased Endophenotyping Patient Identification 

Generation of probabilistic pathway and drug identification




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