Our Company - Our Mission

  • STALICLA is a mission-driven biotech, with a unique patient centric vision, that is poised to become a disruptive industry challenger and future global leader in personalized treatment options for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At STALICLA, we have developed an innovative algorithm platform that uses robust sets of clinical signs and symptoms with big data analytics to identify subgroups of ASD patients. By identifying these subgroups, we aim to offer repurposed drugs that provide more effective, personalized treatment options.
  • The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2017 by today’s CEO Lynn Durham, a biotech entrepreneur with a lifelong involvement with the autism community.
  • STALICLA has established a research partnership with the Greenwood Genetic Center, South Carolina, USA, a leading translational research center in genetics and neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASD.

Our vision

At STALICLA, our vision is to change the way neurodevelopmental disorders are treated by bringing the latest advances in precision medicine to patient with ASD.


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