Drug Development Unit

Lynn Durham

MSc – CEO and Founder

Lynn is a biotech entrepreneur and the founder of STALICLA. Driven by her lifelong involvement with the autism patient and research community, she codeveloped the Databased Endophenotyping Patient Identification model to kick-start systems biology-based drug development in ASD. Lynn has extensive experience in Business Development and has previously worked for the World Economic Forum, a leading Swiss venture capital firm, and startup accelerators in the lemanic area. She has also spent 5 years at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva. Lynn Durham holds a master degree in political sciences and economic history and another in corporate communication. Lynn also pursued a post-graduate degree in Drug Discovery and Clinical Development with a focus in pharmacology.

Luigi Boccuto

MD – Chief Scientific Officer

Luigi is a research scientist and clinical geneticist at the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC). His research focuses on autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and overgrowth conditions. He holds a position as Assistant Professor at the Clemson University School of Health Research. He works around the definition of metabolomics profiles applied to several genetic conditions with a special focus on pathogenic mechanisms and molecular biomarkers identification, as well as novel treatment strategies development.

Jean-Marc Hyvelin

Ph.D. – Head of Research Partnerships and Innovation

Jean-Marc is a scientist in cellular and molecular biology, and project manager with ten years of experience in academic research laboratories and eight years in pharmaceutical companies. He has been instrumental in directing and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing technology solutions in various drug/medtech development projects. He is skilled in spearheading research and innovation activity in corporate settings and has a strong ability to develop and maintain partnerships.

Joseph Wettstein

Ph.D. – Acting Chief of Development and Strategy

Joseph has 20 years' experience in drug discovery on the R&D interface. He has held various leading positions in the industry as former Head of Psychiatry Disease area and Vice President, Neurosciences, at Roche. Prior to that, he held the positions of Director, Systems Pharmacology CNS Research at SANOFI and ITEM Scientific Director.

Walter Kaufmann

MD, Ph.D. – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kaufmann was a member of the DSM-5 Autism committee. Former Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a Simons Investigator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Simons Center for the Social Brain. His research uses a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the basis of cognitive and behavioral problems in children with genetic disorders associated with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, with an emphasis on developing new therapeutic interventions.

Julien Cachat

MD, Ph.D. – Assistant Project Manager

Julien obtained his medical degree from the University of Lausanne. His strong interest in research rapidly led him to do a MSc in Oncology at the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Geneva gaining authorship in 8 peer-reviewed publications. Julien has transferred to industry driven by his strong interest in patient focused innovation and translational medicine.

Annamarie Vogt

Ph.D., MSc. – Lead Scientific Consultant

Annamarie has 10 years' experience in drug development applied to Neurosciences. She has held positions as Senior Clinical Manager and Clinical Scientist at Novartis and Roche. As a clinical neuroscientist and cognitive psychologist, Annamarie has also 20 years' of expertise and experience in the selection, assessment, training, monitoring, analyses and reporting of cognitive measures and behavioral scales used in clinical trials.

Kirstie Lee Todaro

Personal Assistant to CEO & Office Manager

Kirstie has nine years’ experience working for leading entrepreneurs internationally in Melbourne, London and Geneva. She is responsible for administrative coordination, liaising with external accounting offices and statutory auditors.

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